Tuesday, May 21, 2019

{Spotlight Project} Monika Stamps On Fabric

Hello STAMPlorations Friends! Today I got something completely different for you. Ever since I got my hands on the Bloomdala Bliss stamp set, I envisaged using it to stamp on fabric, mainly to create a subtle pattern on a light scarf. Here its is, my first ever stamped item of clothing:

I paired it with one of my dresses for the photo. Basically it is really easy to make, just a little labour intense. The stamping itself is quite repetitive.

First I gathered some supplies: plain scarf, kitchen roll, lining paper, large heat resistant craft mat, the Bloomdala Bliss set, acrylic blocks and my chosen VersaCraft inks.

I then prepared my stamping surface by layering on a firm surface (I used a large piece of wood on my massage couch, but a kitchen table will do too) first my craft mat, then the kitchen roll for a bit of softness to help the stamping and last the lining paper. Next I laid out my scarf on top and started stamping using my largest chosen stamp and the Cherry Pink VeraCraft ink.

When I decided that I wanted to make the scarf for this project, I didn't have a clear idea about how random I wanted my stamping to be. I quickly decided to go for a grid like pattern starting from one corner and using the edges to help me align my stamps. The pattern itself doesn't have to be perfect. Once the scarf is scrunched up, you won't be able to see the full pattern anyway.

My work surface wasn't large enough to take the full size of my scarf, and I knew I would have to move the fabric on at some point.

I decided that I wanted to finish one part of my scarf fully before moving it and added some stamping to some of the in between spaces using another Bloomdala stamp and Bubble Gum VersaCraft. It is not as visible as I had hoped, but one can catch glimpses of it in certain light conditions.

The rest of the in between spaces was filled in with another Bloomdala stamp and Spring Green VersaCraft before I moved the fabric on and finished my scarf.

You might have noticed that I didn't bother ironing my scarf before stamping on it. The fabric was so light that it immediately flattened out under my stamp. I would think it best to iron heavier fabric first.

To heat set the colour, I first ironed from the reverse and then from the front. According to the instructions, heat setting the colour on fabric makes it safe for washing, something I still have to try.

And with that, my scarf was ready.

I didn't want to add too much colour, just enough to liven my scarf up a bit
Next time I might try stamping the images closer together or using just one colour.

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That's it from me for today. If you feel like creating a fun card combining two or more of our Stamp Club sets or making a project using any of the techniques or ideas shared by my teamies in their Spotlight Posts, make sure to link up your makes with our spotlight project gallery here.

That's it from me for today. Hope my little card inspired you to get creative with ice cream.
Have a lovely week!
Monika xxx

Bloomdala Bliss


  1. That is such a pretty way to decorate your scarf. I have not stamped on fabric for ages. I think the last time I did it was to stamp images onto some plain yellow onesies for a baby gift. And I remember we had to heat set the ink too.

  2. Well it looks great. Love the pink and green. [Bunny]

  3. What a great idea for making plain into something pretty...
    thanks for showing how it was made...

  4. Fabric is something i’ve not stamped on yet. I’ll have to get some of the VersaCraft inks first. I do like the idea of stamping on a solid scarf, thanks for inspiring me. Yours looks great!


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