Thursday, February 10, 2022

{Spotlight Project} Maria Has Die-cutting Fun With Scrap Strips

Well friends, I have a luxury problem. I get to move my crafting from my basement laundry room to DD's old bedroom. Woohoo! Daylight! But let me tell you, I am totally overwhelmed. How to make it perfect? And boy do I need to purge.

So when I find myself unable to deal with the ginormity (is that a word?) of it all, I submerge myself in little projects. One of which was tackling my bucket of scrap strips. You know the ones you cut off the bottom of a card or a background you made or a piece of PP. I had a blast just adhering those strips to a piece of scrap paper then decided to do some fun die cutting with them. Speaking of fun, have you ever listened to Carissa W. podcast? She's full of cardmaking tips and reminds us to have fun in the craft room too ;) Let's get to my card, shall we?

Gather supplies - Not a lot to gather here. I thought about spring and decided on butterfly dies. Then picked a stamp set which would compliment the butterflies. Notice my bucket of scrap strips?

So I seriously DID NOT overthink this. I actually started with that fat teal strip towards the middle then worked my way up and down from there. I paid a tiny bit of attention to the colors I chose (notice no reds or yellows or true blues) but basically just grabbed a strip, held it next to what I'd already adhered and decided if it felt right or not. Used a glue stick.

When the glue was dry I snipped the overhang off and then decided where to place my dies. I stuck to the top half of the panel to keep the colors similar on all three butterflies. I took care to line up the butterfly body with a strip even though the patterns on the wings are not symmetrical. I think it works.

Ground your die cuts with simple stamped images on your cardbase. TIP: Remembering the rule of odd numbers, I added two blooms to go with my three butterflies.

Here's the finished card. Fun, right? And my bucket is emptier ;)

If you too have a scrap strip stash (say that five times fast!) I hope I've given you a fun idea for how to use them. As always, if I inspire you to place an order in the shop, I'd love it if you used my STAMPGIRLMARIA code for an additional 20% off at no extra cost to you.


  1. Great way to use up some scraps, and the butterflies look so pretty!

  2. What a fun idea!
    Love the colorful
    Carla from Arizona

  3. I have a strip container that has more in it than Maria's bucket :) so i am very glad of this inspiring technique - another in my arsenal to lower the level of the container!
    Stay safe

  4. Oh, these are so cool and pretty. I love that you have just stuck down lots of different strips. I try matching and it takes ages. Must try this. Hugz

  5. Well I love how you used up some scraps! I never would have thought to do that. I really love the look!

  6. These are STUNNING, Maria - thanks for inspiring!!!!

  7. Brilliant, Maria! Now, just do it 47 more times, hahaha. Definitely something I should do with my scraps. Love how you centered the butterflies on a strip. I'm saving as a sample because I have Flutter Zen 1 dies. Great good luck with your move, the sunlight will be so worth it! xoxo

  8. I like the idea for using up scraps. Great finished look.

  9. I could probably make 10,000 cards or more like this with all the scraps I have! No joke!! Why do I save them all? I use them once in awhile and seem to add more than I use. These are awesome cards and I will have to do this myself.

  10. I am so uber inspired by you today, Maria. As soon as I get home, I am going topull out my scraps, some dies, do a little swiping... the sky is the limit!

  11. I have been trying to find ways to use strips of paper and this is perfect. Love this so much. Love the card!

  12. Wow-what a great idea for scrap strips! Those butterflies turned out so bright and cheery!


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