Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{Spotlight Project} Shirley Plays With Stamps And Distress Inks Again!

I can't resist playing with Distress Inks. My latest craze is stamping an image with Antique Linen, then watercolouring using the faint outline as a guide.

I stamped one large daisy and several smaller flowers in a random fashion onto mixed media paper.

I used an acrylic block for a palette, squishing various Distress Ink minis. Several of the colours were left over from a previous session. I just let them sit there until I want to use them again. If I want a complete new start, I spritz the block and wipe the colours onto a page in my journal. The middle brush is my "slosher", the top brush is the "splatterer", and the bottom brush is for detail.

I pulled in some of the Antique Linen colour and added some very diluted hints of colour on the flowers.

I washed the background with clean water and dropped in some blues, deepening the colour around the petals.

I stamped the sentiment in Versafine Smoky Grey because I didn't want a strong contrast.

I mounted the panel onto card, at which point I decided it was too similar to this spotlight project I did a few weeks ago. So, not wanting to short-change you, I started again.

This time I used watercolour paper (by accident - I thought I'd picked up some more mixed media paper). It was a bit smaller than the first piece but I re-stamped the images in roughly the same position.

I added some purples and greens to my palette.

Added some diluted colours to the petals.

I painted (well, all right then, sloshed) several layers of wash on the background, deepening the colour around the main flower.

I mounted the panel onto white card. The white helps to highlight the purples in the background.

Stamps used:

   stmp1038.jpeg   stmp1030.jpeg


  1. Thank you so much for showing your work in progress! Both turned out Squashingly Good!

  2. I'm yet to try this technique... I love your watercolour card! xx

  3. Love the watercolored BG and stamping technique using distress inks.

  4. Gorgeous! when I went on my most recent spending spree back when I visited my family, Antique Linen ink joined my collection. Excited to try the technique you've shared here...although I'm still at odds with the whole distress inks/ markers situation. You've inspired me to give them yet one. more. try. *grin*

  5. What an awesome technique. I'm definitely going to have to try.

  6. Both cards are so beautiful. Love the idea of stamping with Antique linen so that it fades into the background. Loll xx


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