Tuesday, October 13, 2015

{Spotlight Project} Maria Features Random Stamping

Hi there. You may have seen this card and post where I mentioned I would be back to share my not-so-random-random-stamping process with you. Here I am with my card which is actually one of a set!

The brilliant idea to stamp an 8 1/2 x 11" piece of cardstock came from Yana. When you have larger images, the larger "canvas" gives you more room to play. And a set of four cards! Here's my process:

I gathered my supplies - Dee's Artsy Impressions Santa is Here set and Memento Gray Flannel ink since I was going to be using Copics. I also pulled out Dee's Party Mates and Balloons and Banners for some medium and smaller-sized stamps to use as fillers.

I started with a letter-sized piece of Neenah white cardstock and the largest image and followed the "rule of threes", stamping the images in a rough triangle which is pleasing to the eye. Notice that some of the images are stamped off the edge, creating interest.

Then I stamped Santa with the sack and Santa in the chimney. Notice that I rotated the stamp before stamping.

So then I ignored the "rule of odd numbers" and just felt like I had to fill in some more of those larger white areas before moving on to the medium and smaller images. So I added some more Santas and chimneys.

Next I stamped the wrapped present, a medium-sized image. Notice how I stamped them nestling them close to the other images instead of smack dab in the middle of the white areas?

And then the trio of stars which add a wonderful touch because they are solid images and add variation without adding color.

I finished with the small filler images of bon bons as well as the word "HO!" since it doesn't look too strange when stamped upside down!

Then I picked my subdued color palette and decided which parts of which images to add color to. I started with red, knowing I wanted to highlight the stripes on the bon bons. I colored Santa's sack light gray and his belt and boots dark gray. Went with the olive green for the cushion on the sleigh and blue for the ribbon on the present.

Had to stop then and take a look at what would become a card front to decide if /where I still needed some color. TIP: Cut a frame from an old cereal box. Since red was my predominant Christmas color, I added more red to the reindeer's harness. Added yellow to Santa's bell and gave Santa some rosy cheeks too.

I heat embossed the sentiment from Holiday Sketches: Christmas Bells onto gray scraps and added some wonky red stitching before adhering them to the cards with foam tape. Notice how I varied the orientation of the cards to prevent the main image on the panel from being upside down.

I got a playful vibe from the Santa is Here set and was aiming for a playful look. Mission accomplished? Want to give random stamping a try? Remember to work from largest to smallest images, use the rule of odd numbers, rotate your images, amd stamp off the edge. Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight.


Products Maria used in today's project:


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  1. Beautiful work!! I never get the 'balanced' look whenever I try random stamping. I always have a spot too big to be empty but too small for any stamp that I have used. Yours is very nice and balanced. Probably I should try with more than one size of stamp. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Moxie Craftie

  2. I've never been good at "random" stamping. Your tips were very helpful.

  3. This is amazing! I've tried doing the random stamping, and it's too random and I get them all mixed up and it just looks messy. This is a brilliant way to get the effect, but properly planned as much as it can be. Love it! Love the colours too. xx

  4. Love this idea of making your own BG with random stamping and just coloring pieces. TFS

  5. What a fantastic tutorial. I learned a lot.

  6. Fabulous work - I tried a master board yesterday and followed your 'guide' without knowing I was :-) I cut the large piece into four before I had finished stamping them and added differing small images, and some colour stamping too.

  7. Oh wow!! This is such a great way to create a random stamping background...a must-try..thank u for the tutorial Maria! :)
    Suchi xx

  8. Wow...the background looks awesome...great way to create mutiple cards at once...
    Thanks for sharing...

  9. The stamped background is great. Will definitely try this method. Thanks for sharing

  10. I love how you have done this, have to have a go. Really like the combination of stamps and those bits of colour, really works well.

  11. Wonderful way to create a fun ,happy background !

  12. Thanks for the tutorial! Very clever and with great results!

  13. Awesome! Maria, you certainly made that difficult concept look easy! Love your set of cards, too! Excellent work!

  14. Great results and wonderful tutorial. Thanks for sharing:)


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