Tuesday, September 19, 2017

{Spotlight Project} Becca Gets Her Fancy Folds On

Every once in a while, I do something stupid.

Like decide that I'm going to figure out how to make a popup computer desk card. Unlike other more mathematical, clean, and organized minds... my mind is a one-woman-tornado-lookalike piece of gray matter. It was not meant for figuring out fancy fold cards. Luckily you all get to be the beneficiaries of my stupidity.

My card base was cut to the normal 4 1/4'' by 5 1/2''. To make a desk for my "room" I cut a sheet of tan cardstock to 6'' by 3''.

I cut out a little place for the desk legs (woops - didn't measure this) and added some drawers, I used some brown Distress Inks to sponge around the edges and add some dimension.

I stamped a teeny coffee mug from the Sketchy Coffee Mugs stamp set, leaving a little piece attached to the bottom for a tab. Then I made another little tab, folding it in 3 places.

I also cut out and colored the laptop from the Hello You stamp club set.

I added a warm background and a wooden "floor" along with a sentiment from the same stamp set.

So there you have it - fancy folds. I did them. Victory is mine.

Ok, I know I'm being a little dramatic here, but I never do fancy folds so I'm patting myself on the back for just a brief moment.

I hope you're all enjoying the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop this week (the STAMPlorations post is here with extra prizes. Don't forget to check out STAMPlorations section of Coffee & Tea stamps!


  1. What a great design and desk Becca - I may just have to use this for a birthday I have coming up - the guy is a real computer nerd!

  2. Cool. Well done you for conquering the maths mountain. This is a fun card. Hugz

  3. You are totally genius Becca! Love the creativity here with this cute creation! A perfect computer desk with master mind!

  4. This is awesome, Becca. You are so talented!
    Karen L

  5. OMG! Becca you are so gifted. Wonderful card - you should be proud.

  6. Well done on designing and completing this pop up card! I have trouble with those too but still attempt them from time to time... And what a great idea to create the look of a desk!

  7. Becca, what a great and very creative card.
    I love your creation!!

  8. Oh sooooooo very cute!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Wow, how genius of you! Here's a pat on the back from me!! Love your creations ... always!

  10. Oh Becca...your post made me giggle!! What were you worried about?! This card is AMAZEBALLS!!! Love it!

  11. Oh my!!! This is just the shot of my pc table! LOL... But this is more clean and orderly...!! (LOL again) :D
    Fabulous idea Becca, you are always so clever! Great scene and love the popup design of the desk!

  12. Becca, this is AWESOME! I love this fun idea! You are SO creative, girl! LOVE IT!
    Take Care!

  13. What a fun pop up. My husband would love this. Great job.

  14. So... this is quite awesome and very cool! I would not have the patience to figure this out..haha! Just LOVE what you've done here...

  15. Gotta love a pop up!! Great job :)

    Thanks for sharing!!


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