Wednesday, March 30, 2016

{Spotlight Project} Shirley's Seeing Things

Hi folks, here's a quick and fun card I made when I started seeing things in the Mixed Media Grunge set.

See that 'bullseye' image next to the chevrons? Don't you think it looks like an eye? And the double-chevron image next to it - how about a beak? Invert it and you've got some feet. And here's what happened:

A quick burst of Dylusions Lemon Zest for a body, a couple of eyes, a beak, a couple of feet, two legs drawn with a Posca pen, and you've got a (scary?) little chick! The dotty grunge stamp is one of my favourite stamps for grounding images, so I stamped that in grey at the bottom. The HB2U stamp comes from the Vignette: Celebrate Artsy set. I stamped the barcode strip around the edges of my card base, then mounted the stamped panel onto the base.

Fancy having a go yourself? How about making a furry monster card using the same stamps? You could stamp the eyes first, mask them then spritz green or purple ink (do monsters come in other colours?) then add some arms and feet. And then you could enter it into our Spotlight Projects Showcase, a never-ending gallery, where you could be in with a chance of winning a gift certificate or a guest design spot.


  1. I laughed out loud Shirley seeing your clever card :-)
    My DD Kristi was so happy with your thinking of you card too :-)

    With Mich love, Nancy

  2. What a fabulous card, and very creative use of the stamps.

  3. Wow, talk about having a creative eye (pun intended!). This is awesome and adorable!

  4. For goodness sake! No I didn't notice it looked like an eye, but I'm so glad you did. This card is pure genius.

  5. I love how you have created the unexpected out of the stamps!!

  6. Hahahahah..Awesome! Just marvelously, wonderfully awesome!

  7. That is just so flipping kewl it makes me Laugh !!!

  8. so funny and cute. Thanks for making me laugh:)

  9. LOL !!!!
    such funny --- Thanks for sharing the idea
    CU hellerlittle


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