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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

{Spotlight Project} Vicki Shares Some Stamping Basics

Hi everyone - it's Vicki here. Today while I make a card, I'll show some hints to lining up images. Here is my finished card:

First hint: When starting my card, I use a lined acrylic block and lined the center of the arrow tips on the line.

Second hint: Using some graph paper [I got a tablet of these at WM for like $3], I aligned the card base against the lines on my graph paper and taped it down. When I go to stamp, I use the line from the acrylic pad against the line of the graph paper to ensure straight stamping. Using the graph paper lines also will give me equal spacing between the line of arrows.

Last hint: I stamped the boxed daisy and then using removable tape, I taped around the edges. Since this is a one layer card, this will stop the colors from going outside the "box".

And here's the finished card again, with the finishing of the sentiment, enamel dots and twine.

I don't know about you all, but I struggle with stamping straight. I hope these hints I have shared with you will help you to keep it straight!

See you in a couple of weeks!



  1. Great tips. Thanks. The card is pretty cool as well LOL

  2. Gorgeous card Vicki, great tips and I also struggle getting straight lines.

  3. Love your card! Thanks for the handy tips. I, also, struggle getting things straight.

  4. What great tips on how to stamp things straight and keep your color in the box - awesome, cool ideas!! Thank you!!

  5. Fabulous 'keeping things straight' tips (I need that for other things in my life, too *grin*). Your card: awesome!


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