Friday, March 22, 2019

{Mixed Media Tutorial} Mixed Media Quilt Card by MariLynn

MariLynn here with a fun project for you. National Quilt day was March 16th. I thought it would be fun to make a mixed media quilt card. 

I started by putting paint on an acrylic folder. Then I rolled over the paint with my brayer.

I put the Fairy Tale Forest stencil on top of my gel plate.

I rolled the brayer that I had rolled through the paint over the stencil. I took a paint brush and added extra red paint at random places on the stencil.

This is what it looked on the gel plate when I lifted up the stencil.

This is the mono print that I made by placing white cardstock onto the gel plate.

I probably should have stopped there but I wanted to add a little bit more color so I took markers and scribbled on the acetate folder and sprayed it with water and placed the mono print onto it.

I got more color but I didn't like how it looked. The red smeared and it looked kinda washed out.

But one thing I have learned doing mixed media. That thing is:

I put the stencil down again and I used a red marker to add random flower to the mono print.

See, a little better already.

I took one of the flowers from the It's A Girl Thing - Sunshine stamp set and I embossed with gold embossing powder.

Then I did something that is so hard for me to do. I took my mixed media mono print and I cut it into 1 inch strips.

I then cut the strips into squares.

I laid the squares onto a piece of cardstock. I moved them around so that the pattern was jumbled from the original monoprint.

I glued the squares down and then cut the cardstock with the glued squares using the Crazy Double Running Stitch Rectangle Nesting Dies

After I cut it out I ran it through an embossing folder. Doesn't it look like a quilt now?

I stamped the sentiment from the It's A Girl Thing - Sunshine stamp set and embossed it with gold embossing powder.

What is a quilt card without thread? I took some gold thread and looped it back and forth.

I taped the looped gold thread to the back of the sentiment.

Here is the finished card. I had a left over strip that didn't get cut into squares. I put it down next to the sentiment. Don't you like the way the "double stitching" looks around the edges and how the embossing looks like the quilting? Do you know anyone who would like a quilt card? I hope I have inspired you with my card. Have a blessed day.


  1. What a great design. Like how you've alternated the use of the white embossed paper with your own patterned paper design. tfs

  2. Your is so awesome! Looks just like a quilt. Love the embossing folder you used. Thanks for the step-by-step.

  3. Fabulous stunning work here Marilynn - my art teacher [only art class I had in college as it was required] stated - "if you make a mistake - keep going - you're not done yet" - freaked people out when we were given one crayon - one sheet of paper - and told - "let the creation begin" - I liked it - the technique is grand and all the supplies used - TFS


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