Wednesday, July 03, 2019

{Spotlight Project} Maria's Easy Peasy Summer Card Design

Hello there STAMP friends!  I'm having lots of ink blending/stenciling fun this month on my blog, so decided to carry it over to my Spotlight projects too. However today's card kinda happened as a result of the card I'll share with you next time (which drove me bananas), and it uses no stencil at all! It's such a fun and easy design I want to share it with you first.

IMO, there's nothing better than rainbow colors with lots of white space and some stark black for  dramatic contrast. But you could do it monochromatically. Or with warm/cool colors only. This design is perfect for any of those cool Say it Big stamps from the store.
Gather supplies - Smooth white cardstock, Distress inks, Congrats Word Art stamp (or die) and makeup brushes for ink blending. I have a brush dedicated to each color family.

Flip open the cardbase and secure it. Use temporary adhesive on scrap paper to mask off a section of the card front. I began with the lightest color, thinking about the ink buildup on my brushes.

Inked the orange and red sections next, overlapping the colors a little bit each time.

Then pink.

Used a new piece of scrap paper when I moved on to the the cool colors.

I finished up the card by adding the nice big sentiment stamped in black. I would normally have stamped it right in the center, but it just felt right nestled into that blue corner. You know my motto - expect the unexpected! Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it. This is so simple I feel guilty even making a tutorial for it!

Thanks for coming by! Should you find yourself placing an order soon, I'd love it if you used my STAMPGIRLMARIA code for an additional 20% off! 

Congrats Word Art stamp/die


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