Friday, October 18, 2019

{Mixed Media Tutorial} Autumn Art By MariLynn

Hi, MariLynn here with a fun tutorial for Autumn. 

Materials: Acrylic paint, Gel plate, Brayer, Thin strip of paper - curled, Cardboard tube, Drywall tape, Autumn Falling stencil, Colored pencils, Water color paint, Paint brush, Spray bottle of water, Crumpled piece of paper, White gel pen

I started by using my brayer to spread blue acrylic paint onto my gel plate. 

I then used some homemade "tools" a cardboard tube, a section of drywall tape, and a strip of paper that I had curled. I placed these objects onto the paint to get a design. 

You can see where the "tools" took the paint off of the gel plate leaving behind a design. 

This is how the print looked that I pulled off the gel plate. 

I set the print aside and prepared the gel plate with fall colors.
I put brown, pinks, yellows, green onto my gel plate. 

I usually use a brayer to spread the paint on my gel plate. Today though I didn't want the paint to completely mix. so I used a crumpled piece of paper to spread the paint without mixing it. 

I placed the ARTplorations stencil over my gel plate.

I then layerd these leaves over my first print. 
Here is how it looked.

You can see that some of the leaves didn't completely come through. So I laid the stencil down again over the print and used a pencil to "finish" off the leaves. 

I used colored pencils to fill in the 'missing' areas. 

I then erased the pencil lines. I added some white highlights with a gel pen. I used a spray bottle, watercolor paint and a paintbrush to add splatters of watercolor paint. 

I hope that this tutorial has inspired you to create art. Thanks for reading along.


  1. What a fun and great technique...the page turned out fantastic....tfs

  2. Looks fabulous! Love
    how you used the gel
    Carla from Utah

  3. Thank you for the details of how you made your prints MariLyn - that is so informative to a newbie like me, and I love that result!

  4. Thanks for the step by step - I need my mojo back to do this - might be getting the gel plate out before year ends - this is lovely - nice work Marilynn!

  5. Amazing technique! Love how you did those leaves! Just gorgeous, MariLynn.

  6. wow! Very cool! I thought the background looked fabulous in just the blue! And then you added the leaves . . . just wow!


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