Friday, November 15, 2019

{Mixed Media Tutorial} Layering with Stencils

MariLynn here with a mixed media tutorial to share with you. I am going to show you some more fun you can have with ARTploration stencils and a gel plate and acrylic paints. What I'm going to show you today is layering. 

When I make prints on my gel plate I cut lots of paper because it is addictive and hard to stop. 

I don't like putting the paint directly on the gel plate because sometimes you get too much. It is much easier to add more than to start with too much and have to get rid of it. So I put the paint onto a piece of acetate that I keep next to my plate. I started with two colors of turquoise, white and two greens. 

This is how those colors looked when I brayered them onto my gel plate.

I took a piece of a cardboard box that I exposed the corrugated part. I pressed that cardboard into the paint on the gel plate.

You can see how the cardboard pulled up some of the paint.

I also took a piece of dry wall tape and pulled up some more paint before pulling some prints. 

I did this 4 times. You can see here, how these 4 prints look. There were lots of areas that turned up white. That is ok because this is just the first layer. 

For the second layer I added two colors of light blue and a darker blue. 

After I brayered the colors onto my gel plate, I laid down FAIRY TALE FOREST stencil.

With the stencil on the gel plate, I placed my cardstock down. I did this step 4 times. Here you can see the slightly blue flowers showing up over the green layer.

For the third layer I use a pale yellow and light green paint. 

Over the yellow and green paint on gel plate I put ETHNIC ORGANIC ONE stencil.

If you look closely you can see this yellow layer on these prints. 

For the fourth layer, I used a light pink, yellow, salmon and persimmon colors of paint. 

On this pinks and yellow paint I placed PEACOCK FEATHERS stencil.

Here is how the orange yellow layer looks on the cards. 

Those prints look pretty cool, but I knew I wanted to add one last layer. I took light purple, dark purple and two shades of blue.

Into the blue and purple paint on my gle plate, I placed probably my favorite ARTplorations stencil for all time -- Bubble Dance stencil.

Here is how that final layer looks.on my cards

Here is an individual look at the four cards. 

Didn't these prints turn out so pretty? I could leave them just how they are, but I have a few ideas of what I'll turn them into. Check out my  Stencil Sunday post in a couple of days and I'll share what I make there.


  1. I like your Gelly Plate ideas - TFS - I need to get busy and use mine - inspiration here!

    1. Thanks Gail. Glad I could inspire. I hope you do get yours out to play.

  2. You certainly know how to do some great backgrounds.

  3. These are just lovely! I have issues layering but you rocked it!

    1. Thank you Jean. When I do layering it helps to let each layer dry in between prints. I also try to keep my layers to just a few colors at a time.

  4. I can see why that bubble stencil is one of your favorites! It is very fun and so are these layered creations!

  5. Great tips and the
    pages look awesome!
    Carla from Utah

  6. Fabulous layering, wonderful colours and striking mixed media x

  7. I would never think to create like this! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creativity!

    ... I can feel the tight grip I have on my ruler loosening :)


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