Thursday, June 04, 2020

{Spotlight Project} Monika Re-visits Gelatos

Hello STAMPlorations Friends! Somewhere someone recently mentioned Gelatos. This got me thinking about getting mine out for a little play. I hadn't used them in, well ... years. They were sitting in my bottom draw probably feeling desperately unloved. It was time to dig them out and have a messy play.

Here is what I made ...

Let me take you through the process of how my card came about.

The starting idea was to use some die-cuts as masks and rub the gelato colours around them. I ended up using Metallic Grape, Metallic Mint and Earl Grey Gelatos.

I added some repositionable tape to the back of the flowers to hold them in place. The leaves would have to be held in position with my fingers.

It was a bit more fiddly than I thought. Anyway, I applied the gelato to the die-cut and rubbed the colour off onto the card.

So far so good. There were a couple of streaks which led me to adding some grey to the corners ...

... and wiping over all of it with a still wet baby wipe.

Next I added a bit of grey stencilling.

I rather like the background and decided that I wanted to use the flowers originally used as masks. Playing around, I decided they looked best attached in the original place where they had been used for masking.

Next I doodled a border, stamped the sentiment and tried to make up my mind whether to use the cream flower or not.

As you can see, my finished card uses the cream flower and a couple of sequins as finishing touches.

Here are the STAMPlorations products I used for today's card:

preview-trendyspringbloomsdies preview-DAIBeautifulYou preview-brick-wall

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This finishes today's Spotlight Post. Wishing you a lovely day. Stay safe and healthy!
Monika xxx


  1. Wonderful work - love your finished card
    Stay safe

  2. It's a beauty! Great choice adding the cream flower, it accents the sentiment so nice. Might have been fiddly, but it came together so pretty! 🌸🌸🌸❤

  3. I haven't used mine in a couple of years, either. I'm glad that I saw your creation because you have encouraged me to use mine today :) So pretty.

  4. Very pretty! Love the colors you used & the lovely design. The doodling is perfect!

  5. I NEED to get out my gelatos!! Thanks for the inspiration.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  6. This card turned out really nice...I too have some gelatos and never used them maybe it is time to take them out...tfs

  7. So pretty! Need to drag mine out too:)

  8. Great card, Monika. I'm pulling out my gelatos and other supplies this weekend. Your tutorial inspired me to give this technique a try. tfs-stay well.

  9. Beautiful!! What a fabulous background! I have a bunch of gelatos; I should give this a try!

  10. Nice combination and look at adding color. I have never used gelatos, so this was a good look at them.

  11. I appreciate you talking about the streaks and how you worked with them from a design perspective. Nice to know that experienced artists have those kinds of challenges, too, and how you rolled with it.

  12. What a pretty effect you created...I have these but need to use them.

  13. Very pretty. You have inspired me to get my gelatos out.


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