Friday, July 30, 2021

{Mixed Media Tutorial} Quick and Not-So-Messy Mixed Media ATCs


Happy Friday, STAMPlorations friends! Today we have a mixed media tutorial from STAMPgirl MariLynn. Make sure you comment on this post for a chance at a $7 prize code. We will be drawing 10 winners, with the winners randomly drawn from all posts published during the month. The more posts you comment on, the more chances you have.

Sometimes when we think of mixed media or artist trading cards, we think of messes. Well at least I usually do. Messes can be so much fun. But sometimes there isn't enough time to play and get things cleaned up for real life. That is where a project like I am going to show you comes in. These Mixed Media Artist Trading Cards were not only not very messy but they came together very quickly because most of the work is already done by using the ephemera cards and tiles.

I started with these two from the Floral Silhouettes ATC - Ephemera 

I wanted these two for the bases of my 2 ATC Cards. You can see that simply by cutting the already printed cards in half you have 2 ATC bases. 

I wanted to pair them with these Newsprint Autumn Ephemera Tiles

I don't know if you can see that they are 2 different color families how are they going to play nice together. Answer is a little bit of water color paint. I painted over the leaves on this card with yellow water color paint.

Hard to tell that it was the same card with just a minutes worth of painting. 

Second thing I did was to add blue water color  to this tile. 

Two simple changes, but technically not mixed media yet because I have only used one medium so far. Watercolor. Well what I did next was to take my glitter gloss from Nuvo.I used the glitter gloss to add glittery highlights to the flowers and pumpkins. 

I stamped 2 butterflies from STAMPlorations Butterfly Row. I am blessed to have it as a clear stamp but you can buy the digital stamp and print it on to cardstock. The ink, whether stamped or printed, adds a 3rd medium. And a very overlooked medium is textiles. I had some golden yellow tulle that I decided to add making my 4th medium. 

Next steps were easy, I glued a black piece of cardstock behind my ephemera tiles. I glued a black piece of cardstock behind the two ephemera ATC bases. I sandwiched the tulle in between the bases and the tiles. I used Aleene's tacky glue because of the stickiness and quick dry time. I also used some clothes pins to hold them until they dried. While they dried I watercolored the butterflies and cut them out. I added black sharpie markers to the edges and added white gel pen dots and a white line along the body of the butterfly. Brining the number of mediums used on these artist trading cards to 6. Six is definitely enough different mediums to be considered mixed media. Total time to make these cards was less than an hour to make both of them.

Oh yes, and after I was all done I decided to add a little plastic tile embellishment, (Which could be considered another medium if you wanted to.)


  1. An interesting idea, love the colour changes to tie it all together

  2. Wow, so many great tips on using these paper goods. Love how you painted over the images to coordinate!

  3. Oh what stunning results - I would never have thought to add colour to the cards or tiles to get the correct colour groups playing nicely together.!!
    Stay safe

  4. What a great explanation for this fabulous mixed media card!!

  5. These are both just stunning. I think it's amazing how many mediums you packed into one little ATC card!! The texture of the tulle is yummy.


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