Tuesday, May 17, 2016

{Spotlight Project} Stenciling Made Easy with Cornelia - Part III

Hi, everyone. Cornelia here today with part III of my little stenciling class. In the first part we learned about how to lay down simple color. During the second part, we learned that we can use Versamark, add pattern to stencils or stencil on patterned paper. Today's tutorial is all about embossing paste.

Here are my embossing pastes:

And the stamps and stencils I used:

SheryRuss_PartyTime-web-preview    PartyMates-web-preview   Noteworthy-preview

preview-web-stencil-019-flutterby copy.jpeg  preview-web-stencil-026-nestledcircles.jpeg

Card #1
I used Whipped Spackle - it's a white embossing paste that I don't particularly like. It's a bit grainy and has a tendency to dry out quickly. In order to keep it usable I always spritz a bit of water in before I close it up to make sure I can still use it next time.

As always you want to secure your stencil and card to make sure they don't slip. I use Washi tape for that.

Smeared the paste onto Kraft card stock and lifted the stencil carefully to not disturb the paste...

.....let it dry. 

Card #2
I love this gold embossing paste by Wendy Vecchi (sorry, I don't get paid to say this, neither do I get free supplies...). It's smooth, it's creamy and it works like a dream. It looks not particularly appealing when it's wet, but once it dries it's awesome!

Card #3
Using the Spackle again. I don't have any other white embossing paste and I will use this up before I buy something new. I spritzed two puddles of Dylusion spray onto my craft mat, going with lime green and blue, since those colors blend well together.  You can use any kind of color medium you have - distress inks, re-inkers, watercolor, they all work!

I took out some Spackle and mixed it with the green and smeared it onto my card/stencil.

Adding some blue into my Spackle, but just a little.

Added more blue and blended the Spackle together.

Now onto my favorite stencil technique. I have never seen anybody else do that, so I claim ownership of that technique! I used 3 different distress inks and sponged them onto the stencil: 

Then I used Golden gloss gel and smeared it onto the stencil/card. It dries clear.

And that's how it looks. You could leave your card like that, but why then bother even with the gel?

The fun thing is that the gel resists color, so I like to color over it with distress inks a shade darker:

And it looks like that:

I purposefully left some white on one side when I stenciled the first time to show you different effects (ha ha, I just made this up - in reality I was too lazy to sponge the entire panel...) - but I still like the way this looks. You could also sponge with contrasting colors - really  - the sky is the limit here!

And now you want to see how I finished my panels, right?

So here are my cards again - the first three anyhow. For the last one you have to wait - there is only so much time I have....... I will show it one of those days during the Inspiration posts. I promise!

Let me know if you  liked this and if you are interested in part IV - I still have some tips and tricks up my sleeves, but if you had enough of that I'll understand! 

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See you next time!


  1. I LOVE this stenciling series, so I'm cheering for Part IV, please! Your cards here: fantastic! I have some rather neglected - and likely dried out - embossing paste to use...I'll see if I can salvage it and give at least one of these techniques a try!

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! Thanks for sharing the different types of paste too! I have a few and not sure what to use it for...so it just sits!

  3. Heck, no! Don't stop now...this is getting better and better. We need a stencil guru around here...think you own that title. Anyway, all your cards are so fabulous, I always want to know how you do it. Now, I do, a little bit.

  4. Wonderful use of embossing paste to create these beautiful works of art. Especially like the gold Wendy Vecchi's embossing paste, too - so luxurious when dry:)

  5. These are such pretty cards you have made witht he embossing paste. I love the scallop ones.

  6. Thank you Cornelia - I am enjoying your tutorials and look forward to part 4

  7. Awesome cards! I need to get out my stencils and play! Love seeing the different looks from different pastes!

  8. Finally caught up with this and it's brilliant. I have very few stencils and I never know what to do with them, so I think I need to get myself some embossing paste and give it a good go! xx

  9. These are great, Cornelia! Would love to see what other ideas you have up your sleeve. :)

  10. Keep going. Love these different techniques. I agree, the gold paste is a joy to use. Love these cards. Hugz

  11. I'd LOVE another part for stencils. ALWAYS game for new ways to use them!

  12. Wonderful and now I need to try this last technique thank you.

  13. Fabulous techniques with stencils and embossing paste. Love the colorful backgrounds :)

  14. Such beautiful cards and what awesome techniques!! Love all the stencils that STAMPlorations offers - super great selection!! And what inspiration you give us too!!


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