Tuesday, April 04, 2017

{Spotlight Project} Becca Goes for the Gluestick

There comes a point in every girl's life when she realized that so many things are made better with a gluestick.

Ok. Ok. I might be a little dramatic (if you're no stranger to STAMPlorations, you'll be able to attest to that statement). But this card was definitely helped along by a big dose of gluestick action. I'll show you how I made this graphic collage.

I was scrolling through the addictive annals of Pinterest the other day, and came across this image from Rebecca Blair Art. I couldn't knock her amazing name, and I definitely couldn't knock this wicked cool technique. I don't know how she made hers, but I'll show you all how I made mine.

Firstly, I cut a piece of old paper to a 4 x 5 1/4 inch size and then I ripped it all up into pieces.

I took the pieces and stamped different types of graphic doodle-like thingamabobs on them, courtesy of the Artsy Tribal Doodles stamp set and Mixed Media Elements stamp sets. 

I added some additional visual interest to the pieces with some outlining and doodling using a fine tipped black pen.

Pro tip: For this technique, do everything in your power to keep the ripped pieces in their correct places as you go along. Unless, of course, you like puzzles and want to be frustrated with yourself. (Let's just say you all can learn from my hard-learned lessons.)

I used a glue stick on the back of the page and adhered my collage of papers and then I sealed the edges of each piece by using a glue stick over the top side, as well. 

Once all my pieces were on the paper, I added some definition to each ripped panel by outlining it in black. 

I used the brand spankin' new Flutter Zen Layering Dies to make a big yellow butterfly and then I stamped a sentiment from the Trendy Butterflies 2 stamp set. 

Tadaaa! If you liked what you saw here and you want to try this collage technique for yourself, make sure to link up to the Spotlight Gallery so I can oooh and ahhhh over your creations! 


  1. Simply brilliant ... I am in awe of your skills! I love this card.

  2. such a fun technique! the collage looks beautiful. thanks for sharing :)

  3. This is so cool and such a fun technique too! xxx

  4. Love the interesting elements, excellent collage work!

  5. Ohhh - what a fun technique Becca - and an amazing card!


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