Friday, March 20, 2020

{Mixed Media Tutorial} Stencil Resist Technique

Hello crafters, Craftyfield here today!
For my 3rd and last mixed media tutorial this year, I have a fun and messy technique with stencils.

You will need a stencil, some Distress Glaze (this is the resist medium), some fluid acrylic paints or inks, and a spray bottle. I have been using Izink pigment inks in dropper bottles but the latest release have a cap equipped with a brush which would make this technique even easier. For paper, a good weight Mixed Media card that can handle a lot of water is a must.

First I applied some color through my chosen stencil, Nested Circles. Any light color is good, or you can even skip this step if white is the color you want for the resist motif.

Next, having cleaned my stencil to avoid contamination, I applied the Glaze through the stencil over the ink I laid down in the first step. It's totally transparent so will not show in the photo!
I keep a separate brush for the Glaze, but any kind of applicator will work, brush, Distress foam, sponge etc... 
[MicroGlaze by Judikins is now Distress Glaze]

Now for the fun part.... Apply the different colors of paints at the top of the card with your dropper or brush like so:

I am using a green, blue and pink, all very intense colours. Using my spray bottle I start to get the colours to move down the paper.

Add more water... At this stage you can control a little the flow of paint by tilting the card.

Keep on spraying water, moving the card and, mopping up excess water or paint if required, or add more paint until you're happy with the result.

I let the card dry and flatten overnight under some books.

To finish, I cut the card to size, added the Birthday Wishes phrase die-cut from glitter paper and gave it a shadow with a second die-cut from black card.

I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and the technique, it seems you liked my previous posts and some of you left kind comments that I was very pleased to read. We all need feedback, especially when creating, so many thanks for taking the time to comment, it's very much appreciated.

I enjoyed my time with you and hope I will be back sometime to share some more techniques!
Keep on crafting!


  1. Such a fun technique and the effect is unique, vibrant and stunning x.

  2. What a great technique with a fabulous result... another must try!
    Stay safe

  3. That's a really clever technique with the microglaze - I'm going to have to give that a go some time soon. Lovely stencil too.
    Alison x

  4. Great results. thanks for sharing this technique.

  5. Wow, this is very cool!! Love the bright colors and how the resist element made them flow around the stenciled areas; so fun!

  6. I like the artsy look. I am going to try this once I get some of the glaze. I didn't notice which paint you used... I will go back and read your post again. I have a lot of stencils, so I love to see cool ways to use them. They are like magic to me! I just found this blog and website recently, and really like it. It focuses on so many different techniques, it seems made for me. Thank you for showing this new technique, and the new to me products.


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