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Hello, STAMP friends! It's the 10th of the month, which means it's time to announce last month's winners! We also have winners of our Never-Ending Anything Goes Challenge and December Inspiration Projects posts, as well as 7 winners picked from all posts we published in December, winner of the Inspiration Projects 300th post, and winners of the 12 Days of Christmas event. Challenge main winners were picked by STAMPlorations design team members and all other winners were randomly chosen by

An important reminder to challenge players: 
  • When playing in our challenges, you must display the challenge graphic AND link back directly to the challenge post (NOT to the main blog or the challenge section) via TEXT link in your blog post in order to qualify for the prizes. (Note: Several were passed over as winners/random picks because they were either missing the challenge graphic or didn't have a text link to the challenges they entered in their blog posts.)
  • Be mindful of the maximum challenge entries -- our three challenges (Theme & Photo Prompt, CAS Cards, and Stencil) all have a limit of 3 entries.

An important note about our winners post: winners (challenges, blog hops, and special posts) of the previous month are announced in one post (this one), unless a specific announce-by date is indicated in a post. All winners must claim their prizes by the deadline. If you are a regular player in our challenges or participant in our blog hops and special events, please consider following our blog, even signing up to receive email notifications when new posts are published. You'll find those links on the right side bar.

***An important note about our prizes*** 

  • Prize codes (formerly called gift codes) expire 6 weeks (42 days) from the date they are issued to winners. However, challenge winners who use STAMPlorations products in their winning entries will be issued prize codes that expire 60 days from their issue date.
  • A player and/or commenter who is picked more than once will be issued one prize code that combines the winning amount (e.g., if a player is randomly picked for a $7 prize code in one of the challenges and is also picked as a $10 winner for commenting on one of the posts, she will be issued a $17 prize code)
  • Prize codes may be combined, provided the first prize code has not yet expired or has not been used.
  • A prize code can be applied on all products (digital and physical) and on any order in the store, before shipping. It cannot be combined with other percent off code or dollars off, but may be combined with a free shipping code (if available and if minimum is met) but the sub-total must be equivalent to or more than the value of the prize code -- e.g., a $10 prize code will NOT work if the sub-total (before shipping) is less than $10. The shopping cart will display an error. There must be at least $10 worth of products in the cart for a $10 prize code to work.
  • Prize codes issued to challenge winners and post commenters are not transferrable. A prize code is tagged with the winner's name and if it is used by someone other than the one it was issued to, the order will be voided and the prize code will not be re-issued. If you have a prize code that you don't intend to use, simply let it expire or send an email to so it can be deactivated.

Winners, please claim your prize on or before Sunday, January 24. Prizes not claimed by January 24 will be forfeited -- NO EXCEPTIONS. Please understand that because we have a lot of winners and give away at least $150 worth of prizes in the form of products and gift/coupon codes each month, it would take a lot of time to contact the winners individually. I also want to be fair to those who regularly visit our blog and claim their prizes within the time frame given.


We're changing things up a bit when it comes to claiming prizes. Instead of sending an email, winners must fill out a Google form. This ensures that there is an off-site, time/date-stamped record of winners claiming their prize. Quite a number of past winners have failed to follow the format for the subject line, resulting in their emails not getting filtered to my BLOG PRIZE folder and adding extra admin work.

So if you are one of the winners, fill out the form by clicking on the link  below:


The form will stop accepting responses on January 24 at 12 noon Pacific time. This is the only way prizes can be claimed starting today. The form has specific instructions so please take the time to read it thoroughly and provide all the needed information.

If you have already filled out the form, please DO NOT fill it out again. Your response is already recorded - but sometimes it takes me a while to get back to the winners, as I do this in batches -- generating prize codes and emailing winners individually take time.


For the December challenge, STAMPgirl Julie picked the winner.

Winner of a $20 prize:
#4 Maura claimed
+ choice of product (up to $7 value) for using STAMPlorations product(s)


3 winners of $7 prize code:

+ choice of product (up to $7 value) for using STAMPlorations product(s)

#36 Mary-Anne V claimed

Click here to play in this month's Theme & Photo Prompt Challenge!


For the December challenge, STAMPgirl Juhi picked the winner.

Winner of a $20 prize code:
#16 Anita claimed
Juhi says,  "I love how she used a watercolor background to highlight the die-cut flower. It's a beautiful CAS card!"


3 winners of $7 prize code:

#19 Hilary claimed
#10 Lindsey M-P claimed
+ choice of product (up to $7 value) for using STAMPlorations product(s)

Click here to play in this month's CAS Cards Challenge!


Players: please note that you must use a stencil (or stencils) in the projects you link up to this challenge. If it isn't obvious in your project that you used a stencil, please mention it in your blog post or in your supply list.

For the December challenge, STAMPgirl Ina picked the winner.

Winner of a $20 prize code:
#5 Loll claimed
+ choice of product (up to $7 value) for using STAMPlorations product(s)

Ina says, "I have seen Loll use the Peeking Dahlias stencil so many times and always with a spectacular outcome. Lovely colour choice and so nice to see the out of vogue flower soft for the centre."


3 winners of $7 prize code:

#16 Anushree claimed
#38 Inkami claimed

Click here to play in this month's Stencil Challenge!


Thank you to everyone who regularly read and comment on our inspiration project posts. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by our projects. We drew one winner from all the comments left on the December inspiration project posts.

Winner of a $15 prize code:
Liz Williams claimed

Winner of a $25 prize code drawn from comments left on the 300th post + designers posts:
nancy dempsey claimed

Comment on the Inspiration Project posts this month to be entered in the drawing.


Winners of $10 prize code OR choice of product (up to $7 value):

Winner #1
(randomly drawn from entries #1 to #3750)
#1224 laury55 claimed

Winner #2
(randomly drawn from entries #3751 to #3925)

Keep creating with STAMPlorations stamps and/or stencils and linking them up to our Anything Goes Challenge. We'll draw winners again next month.

Did you create a project where our stamps, stencils, dies, clear stickers, and/or coloring book pages take the spotlight? Make sure to link it up in our Never-Ending Anything Goes Challenge gallery.

SEVEN (7) winners of a $15 prize code randomly drawn from comments left on ALL posts published in December

TK claimed
Sue D claimed
Betty claimed
Ashley Cortez claimed
MadeByMeghanK claimed

(Posts are found here)

Day 1 winner

Day 2 winner
prize: choice of birthday cover plate die
Leanne claimed

Day 3 winner
prize: choice of Christmas cover plate die

Day 4 winner
prize: choice of coffee cover plate die
Hetty claimed

Day 5 winner
prize: $25 prize code
Lady Joyful claimed

Day 6 winner
prize: choice of product
Sandy claimed

Day 7 winner
prize: choice of 3 products from the bundle
Karen claimed

Day 8 winner
prize: $20 prize code
Birgit claimed

Day 9 winner
prize: choice of product
Esther Asbury claimed

Day 10 winner
prize: $25 prize code
Suzanne H claimed


That's all for the December winners post. Congratulations to all! Again to all winners, claim your prize by January 24 by filling out the Google form. The link is at the beginning of this post, right before the Theme and Photo Prompt winners.

Happy stamping and happy new year!:o)

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  1. Congrats to everyone - so nice to see lots of crafty buddies' names on the list!! ;-)

  2. Happy Dance to all the winners -you go!! Yeah!

  3. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners!

  4. Dear Shery, I am thrilled to have won this prize! Thank you so much! I just sent my Google Form. You are incredibly generous with the amount of prizes you award each month, and you make a lot of people happy! You definitely made my day! So grateful! Big congrats to all of the winners!

  5. Thank you for choosing my stencil card as the winner for December! I'm thrilled!

  6. Congrats to all the winners. I am happy to see my name too.

  7. Sending congrats
    to the winners!
    Carla from Utah

  8. Congrats to all the winners! I was delighted to see my name among the list. I'm farily new here and can't wait to dip my toes in and shop!

  9. I am so thrilled to see my card as one of the CAS winners, thank you so much xx

  10. I can't believe I saw my name as one of the winner's, thank y'all so much I really appreciate it

  11. Oh wow, thanks so much to Juhi for choosing me as the CAS winner! xx

  12. I filled out the google form but this post does not say claimed by my name.

  13. Hi Shery, I've emailed you as I filled out the Google form a while ago but have had no response. Apologies if you're still to do a further batch, Anita x

    1. Anita - I have 25 winners who have filled out the Google form, and I'm not seeing yours in there. Please make sure you hit the Submit button so your response gets recorded by Google - this ensures prizes really are claimed when they are claimed because Google Forms puts a time stamp on the form and it is easy for me to verify that a prize has indeed been claimed by the deadline. I even went ahead and emailed you a link to the Google from from inside Google Forms itself so if you don't see it in your mailbox, you need to check your Spam/Bulk folder. Thanks.

    2. Thanks Shery. Couldn't find it in my email but I've resubmitted from the link above so hopefully it's gone through this time. I was aware that it said don't complete it again so I'm glad I got your message. Thank you xx


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