Monday, August 13, 2018

{Special Post} Say It Big with Bold Birds by Melissa + 25% Off on Select Products + A Giveaway

Hey, STAMPlorations friends! We have a special post today -- courtesy of STAMPgirl Melissa, who created 14 bird-themed cards. Plus we've got a special summer sale starting today until August 31 and a giveaway found at the end of this post.





Hi, STAMP friends! Melissa here with 14 bold bird-iful cards to share with you today. I also have a special prize to share with you. You'll find it at the end of this post.

I've been spending lots of time outside this year. My husband and I have started a farm and we've been doing a bunch of projects to get our farm started. Forestry, ground-breaking, construction, and more, we've been outside busting our behinds since February. It's been good, but we're tired!

While outside we've enjoyed many different types of birds on our property. We've seen flocks of robins, hosted a family of bluebirds, and been visited by chickadees, yellow finches, purple finches, humming birds and many other lovely flying friends. From our lakeside dock, we've watched a mother Merganser and her 6 ducklings, loons and a very friendly female Mallard.

So, in honor of my feathered friends here are the 14 cards that I have to share with you.
I love all of the featured products and thoroughly enjoyed making these cards. In keeping with my busy season of life and the need to be in the fields and gardens, I'm going to keep my descriptions brief and simply highlight the techniques that I used along with the product names. Please see the end of the post for product links.

Card #1
Nearly one layer card with some simple masking and stamping. A little bit of fussy cutting. 

Card #2
A bright sunset with ink-blending, stenciling, and die cutting.

Card #3
Mostly one-layer mixed media. An inky background, two-part masking, stenciled texture paste, stenciled bird, heat embossed sentiment.

Card #4
A little bit of stamping, stenciling, and die-cutting.

Card #5
Stamping, stenciling, dry-embossing (with a stencil).

Card #6
Mixed media gone wild.

Card #7
Printing with a stencil, stenciling, stamping.

Cards #8 and #9
An ink-blended rainbow, stamping and heat embossing for these one-layer cards.

 I enjoyed making this one so much that I made two. Slightly different from each other, I gave one a shadowed sentiment and the other rounded corners. I like the shadowed sentiment and the rounded corners. Maybe I'll make a third with that combination?

Card #10
Stenciling, texture paste, masking with a die cut sticker, ink-blending, heat embossing.

Card #11
Another mostly one-layer mixed media. An inky background, two-part masking, stenciled texture paste, stenciled bird, stamped sentiment.

Card #12
One layer. Sponging, stenciling, outlining, stamping, coloring.

Card #13
Stamping, masking, ink-blending and heat embossing.

Card #14
Nearly one-layer. Watercolor background, stenciling, stamping.

 I love this card. Cards 2 & 7 might tie for first place with this one. I'm not sure; this may be my favorite of the 14 cards.

Can you see how much fun I had with these products?! I had originally planned on making 6 cards, but had a flock of ideas come flapping through my mind. The cards kept flying, but my feathers weren't ruffled. Inky fingers, but no ruffled feathers. These products are a joy to use!

ForTheBirds-previewI hope that you'll come visit me at my blog and Instagram to see more of these cards. Leave a comment about your favorite birds. Tell me if you enjoy bird watching or what birds you especially love and you'll be entered into a drawing for one of my favorite stamp sets, For the Birds.

If you are looking for me I'll be in the gardens and fields with the birds!

STAMPlorations products Melissa used:


Melissa sure created gorgeous bird cards, didn't she? Which among her cards today is your favorite? Share your answer by commenting on this post for a chance to win either a $15 gift certificate to the store OR your choice of any one of the (in-stock) products that Melissa used in her projects. Commenting closes on Friday, August 31. We'll announce the two winners on September 10 in the August Winners post.

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  1. I think card #8 with your beautiful rainbow background and shadow stamping is my favorite, but I loved them all. TFS your beautiful project. We also live in the country on 35 acres with lots of gardens and wild birds and animals. A favorite bird..that is a difficult question as I love them all! My favorite STAMPlorations bird set...For the Birds Stamp set and Dies set. Happy stamping and gardening, Melissa. Hugs..

  2. #2 is my favorite! Love those sunset colors for the background!
    I have 2 favorite birds.... my 2 pet birds, Clyde and Little Bird!

  3. Such a fabulous selection of cards. I think my favourite is no. 10, which is so beautifully CAS while the embossing paste adds tons of texture and interest.

  4. Yikes! I'm a birdie addict and it's VERY hard to choose a favorite. lol I do like #3 and #11 as I love the overall design with the stenciled texture paste. My craft room overlooks our backyard where there's a massive tree housing lots of birdies & other critters. Since I'm in here most of the day, I get to watch the birdies all day long. They come to our bird feeder and take a bath almost daily in the birdbath. Yesterday, we had a 10 minute show of some swallows flying and swooping - it was magnificent! My fave bird has always been the Cardinal (& my Nanday Conure, Rocky).

  5. Love robins. #8 is my favourite So many lovely creations. Hugz

  6. Wow what glorious inspiration. The vibrancy of colour is fabulous and you clearly enjoyed making them x . Thank you for all your hard work and enjoy your farm after all the hard work. I love our feather friends visiting our garden and especially when they wash and go 'mad' in the water dishes x.

  7. I just love all of your projects. They are awesome. My favorite bird is swallow, that is just because the meaning of my name is an Autumn Swallow, I hardly see them here in my backyard though, I do enjoying watching the humming birds around my water fountain, I got a lot of them here.

  8. Amazing projects, I think number 14 is my favourite.
    As we live at a beach, I love to see the seagulls swooping around

  9. Oh my goodness - these bird cards are so fabulous - I love card #2 very much along with card #8 due to the lovely bright colors - we have a humming bird feeder and I love those hummers - I also like Cardinals very much - my husband used to be a professional nature photographer and he took tons of photos of birds- lovely lovely work here Melissa - thanks for sharing

  10. Wow - love all the different cards! I think I like the layers in 7! Well done!!

  11. What beautiful cards! I have been enjoying the birds in our backyard this summer. We have hummers, cardinals, yellow finches, saw one Boston Oriole, and in the past week, we have been home to a bright white pigeon (his wings have been clipped, but he can fly up to our roof) that must’ve been someone’s pet. He follows my husband to the container where we keep the sunflower seed and then back to the pan where my husband puts the seeds. We’re pretty sure that a hawk will get him eventually, since he sticks out being bright white.
    I really love your #12 with all of that pretty yellow and faint flowers in the background. Second favorite is #4-love the colors and the ombré die cut sentiment.

  12. I love the last, with the pastel,
    restful blues/pink. We have
    cardinals, hummingbirds, and
    sparrows. I miss the jaybirds.
    they were decimated by the bird
    disease. thanks for sharing
    so many wonderful cards.

  13. Gorgeous bunch of cards
    and I love #11! I have a
    Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot,
    named Turk, that I love.
    We got him when he was
    6 months old, and he is
    33 years old now.
    Carla from Utah

  14. FAbulous bird cards. My fave is #14. We enjoy all the birds on our property too.

  15. I love cards #8 & #9. That verse with the birds flying in the background is awesome. I love how bright and colorful it is, too. I like to sit on my screened porch and listen to the birds while reading. It has such a calming effect on me. Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win, too.

  16. Number 12 is my favorite. I left Melissa a message on her blog as to why. Lovely cards. [Bunny]

  17. Wow!! Melissa was on a roll!! What a fabulous collections of cards! So hard to choose, but I think #6 is my favorite.

  18. Amazing cards...hard to choose, but I love the look of card 3 with its fabulous texture and the gorgeous effect of double masking. So glad you are enjoying the process of creating a new home and watching the birds!

  19. Beautiful set of cards! Card #2 is my fav! Love the bright sunset colours! I've never done bird watching. My fav bird is parrot. Love so much is breathless colours!

  20. These cards have my heart all aflutter - they are amazing! Thank you Melissa.
    My favourite bird is a budgerigar- I grew up with one in the home, and then as our children were growing up we also had one. They have beautiful colours are are so quick to pick up tricks and mimic speech and other sounds. They also can be very tame and are great friends.

  21. I love all those bird themed cards, Melissa.
    They are unique and fabulous design.
    Thanks for sharing them!

    My oldest daughter was doing Bird Watching project
    for her 4H project this year. We enjoy lots of song birds,
    including Cardinals at our own backyard every day.
    They are my favorites of all.

  22. Fabulous cards! Love your ink blended cards #8 & #9 for the vibrant colors & bold quote & #12 the background is so beautiful.

  23. Wow are these beautiful! I love all of them, but #5 just blows me away. It looks like a piece of dyed fabric! I like tiny finches that come into our yard and perch on the birdbath. Just adorable

  24. Fabulous cards but absolutely love #14. I love birds slthough I don't spend a lot of time watching them. My favorites are sandpipers, chickadees, and cardinals. I also have a fondness for black birds (crows/ravens), especially after the encounter my sister and I had with one at Yellowstone National Park.

  25. Wow, Melissa, you've done an amazing job with your bird cards! I can see that you were completely inspired by being outdoors! Card #2 is my favourite of all; it caught my eye right away. I love the colours and your gorgeous ink blending. My second fave is #12. As for my favourite bird, I am completely enamored with hummingbirds! We put out feeders each summer and they are such a joy to watch. Only a couple more weeks and they will make their journey south. I always feel sad when they go.

  26. OH my! aLL of your cards are fabulous! But if I had to pick a fav out of them all, ..... I would have to choose #13.

    To answer your question, I am a huge bird lover. I used to have 30 Finches, a Quaker Parrot, and a Cockatiel. Until it was the main cause of my Asthma and chronic bronchitis. So I had to find good homes for them, after have them for 15 years. Now I watch the birds and feed them all year ng in my yard. The Wren has to be my favorite, at the moment, as a pair have made a new nest each year on my front porch. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome set of stamps.

  27. Wow, this is a fabulous collection!!! They are all wonderful and I LOVE, LOVE bird images on cards - but my fave has to be the pair of rainbow card - outstanding!!!

  28. love the variety of these cards - I am going to have to case these!!!!

    1. Forgot to mention that I too love birds especially cardinals - I hear their distinctive call every day in my back yard!!!

  29. Card #6 Mixed Media Gone Wild! The title alone is an awesome title! I just love all the beautiful pastel colors used! But quite frankly all of the cards are absolutely gorgeous!

  30. Wow Melissa not only are you establishing a farm, but you also created 14 gorgeous bird cards! I love card #12, amazing mix of styles and techniques and so expertly executed.

  31. These are all just fabulous but the rainbow colored one with the white embossed sentiment about Doubts and Failure really caught my eye right away. The sentiment is so true, and I love the bold text-based design

    1. Forgot to add that I've been enjoying two orioles who showed up in our yard last year and are so bright and cheerful. I even like our sassy blue jays, who hog all the sunflower seeds in the feeder!

  32. We have a lot of geese that summer
    in our area. it's fun to see
    the new hatching in the spring
    and watch them grow. Also
    have a lot of cardinals - they
    are so pretty with their red
    feathers. thanks for sharing
    some wonderful bird designs.

  33. Wow, amazing inspirations, great design.
    Yes, I enjoy listening to bird singing, it is magical in the woods.
    My favorite would be tropical birds with their amazing colours.