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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

{Spotlight Project} Shirley Rescues A Cover Plate Fail

Hi peeps, have you ever spent time creating a beautiful background panel to use with cover plate dies, then had to throw it away when it didn't cut through properly you didn't take enough care to ensure that it cut through properly???

Well that's what happened with me, but I was determined to salvage it however I could. Let's start at the very beginning...

I made a masterboard using mixed media paper and Distress Inks.

Once most of the white space was covered and the panel was dry, I positioned my cover plate dies to see which way round I wanted them. (I did cut the paper in half and fed each through separately!) UK paper sizes are slightly different to US sizes but I wasn't planning to use the whole of each cover plate.

I cut the first piece, and assumed it had cut through but hadn't taken into account the thicker/more fibrous texture of the mixed media paper, so it was only partially cut.

I managed to get the outer petals and some of the outer leaves out successfully, so I used the diecut piece as a template for sticking those pieces onto my white card, then added a sentiment.

I couldn't let the rest of it go to waste, so I cut the panel in half and it gave me a pretty lace-cut panel and an etched solid panel.

Here's the second card. I could have left the cut panel as it was, but decided to trim around the edges of the cut shapes for a more lacy effect:

And the etched panel makes a great gift tag:

The first card looks almost as though it's coloured texture paste...

So next time you think you've spoiled a coverplate diecut, look again to see if you can salvage any of it - you could end up with some very pretty effects.

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  1. You did great -When I had my REQUIRED art class in College we were informed - you fix your mistakes - you do not start over - UGH - me - not having an artist bone in my body - struggle through that class - I did better on the test and book knowledge - however - you did fab!

  2. Wow...Shirley, I have just put the cover plate on my wishlist!!! I love your partial pieces for finished cards. TFS my friend. Hugs..

  3. Great save and great use of the partial die cutting. Vibrant and fabulous colours and what wonderful cover plates x.

  4. Awesome saves and the
    'mistakes' look fabulous!
    Very pretty.
    Carla from Utah

  5. Great save! I always try to rescue
    my mistakes, since my craft time is limited,
    due to my job.

  6. WOW what a great result - unintended as it may have been :-) Thanks for the inspiration

  7. I was about to say colored texture paste !! Loved how you made most of the background.

  8. I love saving cards and fixing booboos! Those dies normally cut like butter so you must have been surprised when they didn't cut all the way through. Awesome save!

  9. Great save --- all three cards are beautiful!


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