Tuesday, October 11, 2016

{Spotlight Project} Maria Examines Inspiration - Part 1

For my October Spotlight project posts I thought I'd take you with me on my card creation journeys. With or without detours ;) Today's project started with this inspiration.

Hmmm, you ask? Well the first time I saw Artsy Tribal Doodles laying in front of me, I saw... ready for it ... lions' manes and snakes. I kinda figured Cornelia would do some googly eye art with them. But she didn't. So I did. Meet today's card.

So I had the heads, but what to do about the bodies of the animals? Shirley would have drawn them, but not me. I was headed to my stamps cuz I know I have some animal silhouette stamps I thought I could use, when BOOM. Divine intervention. Or whatever. Next to my folder with my "nature" stamps housing those animal silhouettes was this book I picked up at the dollar store years ago, mostly for the animal print papers in it.

Flipped it open and look what I found! Directions for making cutout chains of animals with the papers. Well...

I cut them out of the book.

And looked at the stamp set to see which stamps could fit which animals.

Did all the fussy cutting and laid out my design. How convenient that there is even a bright savannah sun in that stamp set, eh? ;)

Next? Now a MISTI would have made the stamping process a breeze probably, but lined acrylic blocks are pretty great too. I decided where the zebra would go, put the stamp down over his head and TIP: laid my block down on the stamp (lining a line on the block up with the edge of my cardbase). Once inked up, I come back to the cardbase, remove the zebra and know pretty much where to stamp the triangle for the zebra's head!

When the crew's heads were stamped, I stamped some "grass" along the bottom edge and heat embossed the sun up top. Then I took my scissors to the poor animals ;) And glued them down.

I couldn't help but add this little green guy. In my mind he was a jumping frog!

And here's the card again with a sentiment from Born to Roam. And googly eyes. BTW, the flamingo made it to the inside. Couldn't not ;)

Hope you enjoyed my journey from inspiration to final project. Remember if you try out any of the techniques from our Spotlight posts and hook your project up at our Spotlight Project Showcase  you have a chance to win a $15 gift certificate (random drawing) OR your choice of 5x7 stamp set + a Spotlight Project guest designer spot (randomly drawn from the Top 3 picks)!



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  1. Wild, spooky and distinctly weird. Fun art. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugz

  2. Oh my goodness. How creative. I love the "Life is an Adventure" , too.

  3. What a fun card and a wonderful way of useing the stamps!

  4. Oh dear in which craft store or 1 Euro Store did you buy this I want it tooo
    cuuute cuute and so very Ceative miss lady

    1. Oh dear Monika, it was very long ago. I'm guessing "Fundgrube" but don't know for sure. The ISBN number is 3809405582.

  5. How very clever and artistic! It's wonderful how you pulled it all together!

  6. Ingenious, Maria! Now that you mention it, Tribal Art does look like a scattering of manes and tails...and how brilliant of you to make them 'so'! Awesome! Those googly eyes are hilarious!


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