Tuesday, November 08, 2016

{Spotlight Project} Maria Examines Inspiration - Part 2

Back for another spotlight project post taking you with me on my card creation journey.  Today's project started with this inspiration.

Image Source
Had this image on my Pinterest board and decided to do something with it.  Meet today's card.

I chose the largest reindeer from Christmas Reindeer and the middle rectangle from Crazy Double Running Stitch Rectangles since the largest animal would give me the most area to get a pattern into and I thought a card front full of stripes might be a bit too much!

Die cut the deer from scrap paper to use the negative under the stencil.

Placed Bubbles over the negative over a piece of Neenah white cardstock and inked the deer with Festive Berries. I'd noticed the curved lines indicating the shape of the cat in the inspiration photo. So I chose Bubbles to bring some curves to the midst of the lines.

This is what I had when removing the stencil and negative.

Next I put the mask down over the deer and penciled in some lines to follow when stenciling, the walls and floor. You'll notice on my card that there are three different sections of stripes, each at a different angle. Kinda like the inspiration photo.

Put down my stencil over the masked deer and inked the floor area with a sponge dauber.

Masked off the floor and right wall and put the stencil down over the masked deer. Inked.

This is what the panel looked like after inking the floor and larger wall.

Last step was to mask off the floor and larger wall and then ink the corner.

Here are the three stenciled/inked sections. I used my knife to pull up the mask.

BTW, each time I pulled up the stencil I spritzed it and stamped it off in my notebook for future use. I didn't want to risk smearing red ink where it wasn't wanted on the panel. Notice that one red "blob" on the floor section of my finished panel? Then notice where I placed my sentiment on the final card ;)

Here's my card again. I die cut the panel. Then finished it off with a heat embossed sentiment from Christmas Flower, a PP mat and a strip of washi. Did you notice the red bead for his nose?!? 

Did I make you "believe" there's a reindeer standing in the corner of a room? Hope you enjoyed my journey from inspiration to final project. Remember if you try out any of the techniques from our Spotlight posts and hook your project up at our Spotlight Project Showcase.


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