Monday, November 27, 2017

{New ARTplorations Stencil Line} Introducing Sanna Lippert Designs!

Hey, STAMPlorations friends! November (and even 2017) is nearly over but we have one more reason to celebrate this month: the addition of a new stencil designer. I'm excited to welcome the uber-talented mixed media artist Sanna Lippert and her line of fabulous and on-trend stencils designed exclusively for STAMPlorations/ARTplorations!

If you've been following our blog for a while now, you'll know that Sanna is in our mixed media design team and she creates some of the most delicious mixed media projects and tutorials every month since July 2016. I'm thrilled that she has decided to design some stencils. In fact, her first 8 stencil designs are already in the store under her stencil line, Sanna Lippert Designs.

I asked Sanna to share a little bit about herself and her new stencil line. She also created a short video showing off her stencils and sharing her thoughts about them.

"Hi, my name is Sanna Lippert and I'm very proud to be joining the STAMPlorations family with my very first 8 stencil designs. Today I'm humbly presenting Sanna Lippert Designs stencils to you. This has been something I've been dreaming of doing for quite a while now, but always felt I wasn't quite good enough. Now that the first eight designs are "on paper", I am very thrilled they are "out there". I'd like to thank Shery for believing in me and giving these designs a place to live :). 
"I have a habit of always scribbling onto pieces of paper while talking on the phone and some of the stencil patterns always showed up on the pages of my notebooks, so I figured to make something out of them. I am very much a beginner in designing anything and far from being professional – but thanks to Shery it was possible. 
"I think you can see my origin in the designs too. Being originally from Scandinavia, I love nature, plants and forests, so therefore my first designs are very nature bound. Lots of leaves, trees and plants are/were involved in this set. Yet all the designs are very simple and somewhat abstract in style, so they can actually be used in a very versatile way. I've recorded a video for you to watch, where I share more thoughts about my designs and what I see in them. Hope you enjoy it and my stencils. I am very thrilled and honored to be joining the STAMPlorations family and would like to thank Shery for taking me on board!"

On Wednesday, Sanna will lead the STAMPlorations girls in a fun stencil hop where her stencils take the spotlight. So make sure to stop by here again on Wednesday, November 29, at 7 a.m. Pacific because 3 lucky crafters will win some spending money and their choice of 3 Sanna Lippert Designs stencils :o)

So see you again in a couple of days for some stencil inspiration, okay? Until then, happy crafting!


  1. wow! these are superb :) very cool designs and I love how so much thought went into designing them. Some of these are definitely part of my next order, I love them!

  2. Love the contemporary designs and love the thought process too x

  3. They are fabulous Sanna. I enjoyed watching the video you made and looking forward to seeing how the Team showcased your stencils.

  4. Congratations Sanna!!! They are great designs!

  5. Wow...fabulous stencil designs for mixed media projects. Congratulations are so talented. I will be back on Wednesday to be inspired by all the stencil samples:-) Hugs

  6. thank you so much everyone!!! I´m so glad you like the stencils :)


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