Friday, December 23, 2016

{Mixed Media Tutorial} Monika Goes For Easy Party Makes

Hello Crafty Friends! Are you all ready for the party season? Should you need a little help, you're in the right place. How about some cheerful coasters to get you into the mood?

They are easy to make, all you need to do is allow for some drying time. I had intended to get a full set of table decorations ready including little name sleeves for wine glasses and bunting, but the arrival of Storm Barbara led to a change in our holiday plans which meant I ran out of time. Anyway the initial steps would have been pretty similar. Here we go:

  • Spritz some white card with Forest Green, Ocean Blue and Gold Artiste Spritzing Ink


  •  tape stencil down and sponge with Versamark
  • remove stencil and sprinkle with embossing powders (Tangerine Kerpowder, Tropic Pink Blaze Cosmic Shimmer, Coconut Ice WOW embossing powders plus some left over I had)
  • heat set and repeat

  • stamp randomly using stamps from both of the above sets in black Memento
  • wipe off excess ink from the embossed areas 

Note the difference in both pieces. The first one uses the embossing powders separately, and in the second one they were all mixed in together.
I wasn't too bothered about the pieces of card remaining flat or not as I was going to die-cut shapes from them anyway.

  •  sprinkle lightly all over with black detail WOW and Enchanted Gold Heat It Up! embossing powders and heat set from underneath 

This helps to blend in your stamping and gives a wonderfully textured distressed look as you can see from the close-up below.

  •  die-cut large circles and attach to chipboard circles
  • add sequins, confetti etc (flat is best for coasters)
  • coat with Mod Podge
I made a little photo slide video showing close-ups of all the coasters, here it is:

For Bunting, I would have cut triangular shapes and attached them to cardboard. For the drink sleeves, I was planning to cut strips, attach name labels and would have either stapled them or added a piece of double sided tape to secure around the glass stem.

Here is another look at the finished set:

That's it from me for today. Have a lovely Christmas!
Celebrate well, whatever you do!
Monika xxx


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