Tuesday, January 17, 2017

{Spotlight Project} Becca Creates a Focal Center Image

Today, I'm going to give you a true insight into my creative process. I wish I was one of those crafters who had a clear vision of a design and then just stamp, bamp thank you ma'am - a card of extraodinary loveliness appeared.

In all actuality, my card rarely turn out just how I want them.

Case in point: This card.

Originally, I though I'd make a one-layer card with a center focal design created with masking techniques.

I started by laying down a circle in the center of a square piece of paper, and then I started stamping a ring of butterflies using the little butterfly from the Gone Postal stamp set. I made a mask for one of the butterflies using a Post-It note and kept moving it as I went along.

Once I had my ring of butterflies stamped, I removed my mask. Then I decided I wanted to add some color to it... so the circle mask went back on.

I scribbled around with some Distress Crayons and blended them with my fingers. Then I sprinkled my paper with black Distress Spray Stains.

Then I removed my mask. But a funny thing happened, I missed my mask. And so... I added some pop dots and made the mask a formal part of my card.

I put a piece of black and white printed vellum behind the image and used the Celebrate CUTplorations die to create a focal sentiment.

Even though it's not remotely the card I'd planned on, I still really like it.

I'd love to see you created an elevated focal ring! If you do, link it up to the Spotlight Gallery and show off your stuff!


  1. Such a fun design, Becca. My cards don't usually turn out the way I had envisioned them, but I have learned to embrace happy accidents lol.

  2. Your card is so artsy and unique. Fabulous vibrant colours and love the finished card and in particular the popped up 'mask' circle x

  3. This is so beautiful and the elevated ring adds a lovely element. Hugz

  4. Love the way your card evolved! It is beautiful!

  5. That is a happy card!!! Love those butterflies, Becca.

  6. Love the fun splash of colors with the black and white. Gotta love those little crafty mistakes and I think it's great when we can not be too uptight and flow with it.

  7. Love this Becca, and thanks for sharing your 'process'

  8. Gorgeous card!! Im loving the butterfly wreath. It wasn't the card you intended but it turned out stunning :) isn't it awesome when that happens?

  9. I bet you had soooooooooo much fun making this. Love it Becca.

  10. Such an awesome idea Becca..I just love the way you write the process of making..


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