Friday, October 19, 2018

{Mixed Media Tutorial} Melissa Does A Dragonfly Dance

[Shery's note: Less than a week before she passed away last October 2, Melissa had written this mixed media tutorial. She always worked ahead and had posts scheduled in advance. All of Melissa's mixed media tutorial can be found here. We are paying tribute to and celebrating her life in this post. I hope you can join us there after you've finished reading her last tutorial.]

Hi! Melissa here with a fun twist on a way to use a cover plate die. I used the CUTplorations Dragonfly Cover Plate Die for today's tutorial, but have used the Bloomtangled #1 Cover plate die in the same way previously. I used the die a sort of stencil/guide.

When I used this technique in the past, I promised to explain it in a tutorial. Here's a card that I made with Bloomtangled cover plate die and a similar stamp press/printing technique.

First, I taped the die to top side of my stamp press. Make sure to tape the "cutting side" of the die down onto the surface of the press. (You can use any clear material that you have. I think that Plexiglass or acetate will work nicely.)

Flip the press/acetate over so the die is underneath your clear surface.

Apply watercolor paints to the stamp press/clear plastic while using the die as a guide. Think "paint by numbers" except in this case it will be "paint by cover plate die."

Continue to add your colors. It is up to you whether you want to use a loose look like I did or use less water and keep your colors a bit more neat and tidy. Do not move the press or flip it over.

Once you are happy with the amount and placement of your paint, press a piece of card stock or type of paper of your choosing onto the top of the paint.

Hold the paper still and allow the paper to absorb the paint.

Carefully peel the paper back to reveal your results. Allow the printed paper to dry. Wipe the stamp press clean and remove the cover plate from the other side of the stamp press.

After the paint has fully dried, place the cover plate die on top your print and situate it according to your liking. Then die cut your print.

Ooooo! This is so much fun. There will never be two alike. I have set aside parts of the negative die cuts for a future project.

Next, I applied texture paste to the entire front of a plain white card.

I pressed the die cut into the paste.

Then I carefully worked the paste until I had an even smooth surface.

Next, I used the Rows of Hearts stencil. First I sponged on red ink and then I added some white texture paste.

Next I added some color to the dragonfly with watercolors and silver ink.

I die cut the sentiment using a tag die, some white card stock and vellum. I used the negative parts of the "hello" to create my sentiment tag. I used the Hello Word Die and Tags #1 Nesting Dies.

After the texture paste dried I added the tag using foam tape. 

That's all I have for you for today. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.

I hope that you have a great day.

Thanks for stopping by!
Grace & Peace,

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  1. Wonderful tutorial.
    Sad when she mentioned
    using the parts for a
    future project.
    Carla from Utah

  2. What an amazing artist she was - thank you for posting this final tutorial Shery.

  3. Love this creative technique and the result is so beautiful. It is bittersweet to read Melissa's words knowing she won't be sharing more with us.

  4. So creative. I appreciate the details on how to do this. Melissa had special talent!!

  5. Always so creative and always so unique...She will be so missed x.

  6. Oh wow! I love the technique you did with the cover die on the stamp press plate. So inventive. Will have to try this for sure!

  7. She has inspired me all the way! You are being missed Melissa.


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