Tuesday, October 10, 2017

{Spotlight Project} Maria Spotlights Mirror Stamping Popsicle Fun

Howdy STAMPlorations friends! I'm going all CAS on you today, basically just having some fun. Had this idea when I saw the Sweet Cravings stamp set and today I made it happen.

I brought a MISTI home from the US with me, so using some tips from Jennifer M. I tried mirror stamping with it. It is truly an invaluable stamping tool when it comes to reinking and restamping an image exactly - which can be necessary when mirror stamping!

Gathered my supplies - MISTI, stamp set, ink, a scrap piece of acetate and a larger clear stamp to use for the mirror image. Background stamps are good for this purpose. Peruse your stash!

I placed my card under the acetate and positioned the "mirror image" on the acetate where I wanted it - face up.

Put the background stamp on the MISTI door (with the side you'd normally stamp with stuck to the door and the smooth "reverse" facing the popsicle). Check that the background stamp is positioned where it will meet the popsicle when they kiss to transfer the ink to the background stamp ;)

Open the MISTI and ink the popsicle on the acetate then close the MISTI to transfer the ink to the background stamp (oops no photo - the quicker you on on this step, the wetter your ink stays). Remove the acetate with the popsicle and close the MISTI, stamping the "mirror image" onto the card.

This was the image after stamping once. I inked and stamped three times in total. Thanks MISTI!

Cleaned the stamp (!) and placed it where I wanted to stamp it. My sentiment too. Then I inked and stamped.

Did a little doodling on the images with a black Sharpie to create my cute couple, and gave my gal some pink cheeks with a Copic marker.

Brings a smile to my face. Hope the anniversary couple enjoys it too!

Remember if you try out any of the techniques, like mirror stamping, from our Spotlight posts remember to hook your project up at our Spotlight Project gallery.


  1. Brilliant technique! I did wonder how to get a good mirror image with the Misti. Fun card too Maria!

  2. I've been so wanting to try this technique...thank you for the inspiration to do so! x

  3. I saw the teaser post on your blog so I wanted to check it out. Thanks for this helpful post.


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