Wednesday, October 04, 2017

{Spotlight Project} Shirley Adds a Touch of Foil

Hello there! I had a little stash of Christmas cards that I thought needed a bit of oomph, so I decided to add touches of foiling to them. That's the finished card above, and below is the card before I added the foiling.

I gathered my supplies: various sheets of foil that have been in my stash forever, and a 2-in-1 glue pen.

Add the glue to the areas you want to highlight, allow it to dry tacky, then place the foil sheet onto the glued area. When you press lightly with your finger you can feel where the glue is. Burnish with a bone folder then remove the foil sheet.

The glue should be completely covered by the foil. If you miss any bits, just place the foil back over the glue and burnish again.

Only work with one colour of foil at a time, and just glue the areas for that colour. Once you've foiled with that colour you can move on to working with another colour.

Here's another 'before' card.

And the 'after'. I added foil highlights to the gifts and the headdresses using gold, red and iridescent purple.

Another 'before':

And 'after':

Just a subtle touch on the gifts. The background is printed paper that's also been in my stash forever.

It's quite easy to get a production line going by adding glue to two or three cards at a time. By the time you've added glue to the third card, the glue on the first card is nice and tacky and ready for foiling.

If you've got foil lurking in your stash, why not give it a try? Then add it to our Spotlight Project Showcase.



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